SINCE 1946

Learn more about our production. A textile manufacturing and ketten knitwear weaving company with over 75 years of know-how, based in Felgueiras, Portugal.


Marfel - Empresa de Confecções Lda - traces its roots back to 1946 in Felgueiras, where two visionary partners, accompanied by a team of 10 people, set out to revolutionize the textile industry by establishing a factory focused on producing high-quality textiles. Alongside this endeavor, they also created two clothing brands – Triple Marfel and Rosa Negra – which quickly became national benchmarks of excellence in shirt making.
Soon after, the factory expanded into Ketten knitwear in polyester and polyamide, currently supplying for sportswear, footwear, and automotive industries.

In addition to serving retail markets through its own brand, Marfel - Empresa de Confecções - specializes in the production of clothing including shirts, blouses, pajamas, skirts, dresses, and others. It has become a reference in Private Label markets, currently serving over 40 clients worldwide, with a strong presence in the USA, France, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

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Currently, with facilities spanning 8,000 square meters and a team of approximately 180 employees, Marfel proudly capitalizes on its experience, commitment, responsibility, and passion in every item produced.
This dedication and know-how have been reflected over the years in the quality of products and service, reinforced by the lasting presence of Marfel and Triple Marfel in the market.

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