- Before washing make sure to unbutton all buttons;
- Turn your shirt inside-out;
- Shirts should be washed at 40º degrees Celsius, however you must always check the individual care labels for specific washing instructions;
- Hang out to dry. Do not tumble dry as this tends to wear out the collar and cuffs.
- Iron shirts whilst still damp as they are much easier to iron.

Although we recommend washing your shirts at home as it is an effective way to reduce environmental impact throughout the shirt's lifecycle and to ensure your shirt looks its best, we understand that you may seek professional laundry services. If that's the case, to make a smarter choice for the planet, opt for an eco-friendly dry-cleaning service.

Dry cleaning is a chemical process. In an eco-friendly dry-cleaning process, silicone-based solvents are used, which means it helps reduce the use of harmful chemicals for both the planet and people.